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It has six exclusive spaces, characterized by carrying planetary names and being completely different from one another. Unrivaled environments make El Angel and El Corazón one of the best lodging options in Real de Catorce. Located one block from the main garden, in the center of town, we offer our guests a careful and personalized attention. As part of its concept of comfort our rooms do not have a telephone or television, to have a stay surrounded by tranquility and to live a different atmosphere in this magical place. Thinking about the conservation of the environment, the Hotel has a water reuse system of tubs and showers, which are purified through a method of filters and used to water the gardens. Also, we have a waste separation procedure. Aluminum, plastic, glass and cardboard are taken to collection centers to be recycled.


Real de Catorce is an ideal place to disconnect from the outside world, delight the view with its imposing mountains, breathe pure air and enjoy the intangible assets of the place, such as its silence, the crystalline sky and its starry nights.

This town in the state of San Luis Potosí, located in the center-north of Mexico on a desert plateau, was at the time, a prosperous colonial site with silver mines.

To get here, you have to go through the Tunnel Ogarrio, more than two kilometers long, which crosses the mountains of the region. The church of the Immaculate Conception, from the 18th century, contains the sanctuary of San Francisco de Asís, which is visited year after year by thousands of faithful.

Also, this Magical Town has been from ancestral times, place of pilgrimage of the Wixárika or Huichol people, who year after year travels to the area to perform rituals and leave an offering in the sacred area known as Wirikuta that covers a considerable area of the Potosí highlands.


Surprise your partner with the fireplace on, arrangement of flowers scattered in the room, profusion of candles, a heart of flowers on the bed, imported wine, chocolates and delicatessen table of snacks (olives, salami, cheeses, mussels or oysters, etc).

If it's a surprise, we prepare it with a lot of discretion. Request it one week in advance.


We know that for some of our guests the dogs are an important part of their trips, therefore, we are a friendly hotel with pets. We only ask for the fulfillment of very simple conditions:

  • An additional fee for the pet's stay must be paid

  • The pet must sleep in its own bed, never in the comforters

  • The pet can not stay alone in the room at any time, or in the gardens

  • In case of damage to furniture, white, etc., the owner agrees to pay the damages.




2 1 double bed, heating> $1000


2 1 King size bed, fireplace, village view $1400


4 2 double beds, heating, shared terrace $1600


4 2 double beds, heating $1600



6 3 double beds, heating, living room, equipped kitchen, tub, shared terrace $2500


8> 1 king size bed, 1 queen size bed and 2 doubles. Heating, dining room, kitchen, refrigerator $2700


* Small bed type cot $250


* Special arrangement of the Venus room (plus nightly rate) $1500


1 Stay in the room $250
* Rates do not include taxes
* Rates subject to changes per season


1.-To secure the reservation, it is necessary to call + 524888875062. Later, deposit the 50% deposit in a bank account. Once done, please send the deposit slip with the following information: Name, date of reservation, room and telephone. Rates do not include taxes if invoice is required.
2.-If in 24 hours no notice of the deposit is received it will be considered canceled.
3.-The refund of 100% of the deposit will be only informing of the cancellation 7 days before the date.
4.- Cancellation 24 hours in advance, 50% will be refunded, otherwise there will be no refund.
5.- In case of extreme snowfall, which prevents the passage, only 50% of the advance will be refunded, which can be used for a future reservation.
6.-The rest of the payment will be made in cash upon arrival and registration. Check in is at 2:00 pm and check out at 12:00. If the departure is after that time, a penalty will be charged, without exception.
7.-The hotel reserves the right to inspect the room and corroborate that there was no damage or damage to the facilities.
8.-The areas of grill, campfire and terrace may be used, with prior notice, until 11:30 at night and should be left clean and tidy.
9.-Music devices should reduce the volume after 11:00
10.-The heating stoves must be turned off during the night at your own risk.
11.- The loss of room keys will generate a cost of $ 250 pesos since they are old locks.
12.- In the case of pets, an additional fee will be paid and the following conditions must be met without exception:

a) The pet must sleep in its own bed, never in the comforters
b) The pet can not stay alone in the room at any time, or in the gardens
c) Their excrement should be collected if required
d) In case of damage, the owner agrees to pay what is needed